Sunday, May 4, 2008

Super Sample Sunday!

I got so many samples and freebies this week it is ridiculous.  Really, better than Christmas.  I'll list em'

Ready Made Magazine
BabyTalk Magazine
Fiber One Cereal
Science Diet dog food (dont even have a dog, must have clicked the wrong button!)
Juicy Juice sippy cup
Vocal Point bumper sticker thingy
Huggies diaper
2 Hallmark cards
Gold Bond lotion
Huggies lotion and wash
Frizz Ease shampoo, cond and serum
Brilliant Brunette shamp and cond
packet of sample stickers/lables
2 free bar coupons for EAS energy bar

I think thats it!  My favorite?  The sippy cup because it has one of those spill-proof caps.  Wont need it for a few more months though!

What was your favorite sample???
Tell us, we want to hear!  Or, post your link, even better we would love to see all your goodies!


Marin said...

I actually got my very first sample yesterday: a Huggies diaper & Huggies lotion. Hopefully that will open the floodgates for samples & freebies around here! Check my blog next Friday for my roundup :)

Erin said...

It takes FOREVER for the samples to start coming, but once they do you wont know what to do with yourself! A free diaper is a good start!

Melinda said...

I love to read your blog and thought I would pass along the excellent blog award to you. If you wish to pass along, please visit!

By the way, I only got one little sample this week so I decided not to participate this week in your Super Sample Sunday. Hopefully next week! :)


Erin said...

Melinda, thank you that is so sweet. What a great surprise to read this morning! I cant wait to pass it on, there are so many wonderful blogs I have been reading, the hard part will be choosing!
Thanks again!
(dont worry, those samples will start pouring in soon, we cant wait to see!)

Daphne said...

this was my first time to blog a post about the freebies I got on a weekly basis. I was actually surprised! I didn't realize how many things I got in one week!