Thursday, August 21, 2008

88.35 at the Commissary

I hit up the Commissary this week because we were getting very low on groceries, almost bare bones!!  Okay, not really, but we did need groceries!  I got a ton of food and used 36 coupons for a total savings of $47.69!!!  Wow, Im good!  I did spend 88.35, which still keeps me under my $250 monthly budget.

Its kind of hard to tell, but I did get a lot.  There are doubles of many items as well.  I also was able to get a fair amount of organic foods as well as some natural cleaning products for our new home.  (as I will not be using any chemicals there if I can help it!  oops, guess the 2 cases of dish tabs will have to stay here!!  But they were such a deal!)

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Rachael said...

I love that your baby is peeking around the corner of the table!!!;) Not that any of my pics are like that ;)