Monday, August 4, 2008

Go to Rite Aid, really.

If you have a Rite Aid w/in driving distance and have not gone there yet this week you must go now.  Really, I mean it.  
I was just able to stock up on some very useful products this morning and will be making a profit of $3.31.  I would have made a lot more but my cashier was not at all flexible with my coupons (ie; if it wasn't in the coupon picture it didn't count).  Thats okay, it is their call after all.
I was able to gather such great money saving advice from both The Freebie Blogger and NW Deal Mama.  You must check out both of their Rite Aid posts for maximum deals.  Thanks guys!!
Before you go, click on the ad on the left.  Page 5 on their site has a $1 off coupon for the free contact solution= $1 profit!!  (coupon will actually scan as 'free', but my cashier manually entered $1)

Oh, I'll post my picture for Show and Tell Saturday!!

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