Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Albertsons week of Aug 6-12

Heres what Albertsons has this week;

10 for $10 (get $5 back) or .50 each
Kraft BBQ sauce
Hamburger Helper singles
Ortega Taco Seasoning mix
Albertsons Ranch dip mix
Kozy shack tapioca, rice of chocolate pudding
McCormick Country gravy mix
Snapple antioxidant water
Albertsons canned fruit
Albertsons Mac and cheese
Jolly Time popcorn; 3 pack
Kings Hawaiin sweet rolls 4 ct
StarKist chunk white tuna in water

10 for $20 ($5 back on 10) or $1.50 each
Mision Tortilla chips
McCormick Grill Mates seasoning
ALberstons crescent rolls
Pacific deli white or wheat pita bread
Chex mix bars
Knorr sides plus veggies
Albertsons pie crust
Kraft cool whip Aerosol
Knudsen sour cream
McCromick bag 'n season or veggie steamers
LaVictoria salsa
Progrosso Broth
McCormick flavored Pepper
Stouffers corner bistro
Lean cuisine panini or flatbread
Bulls Eye BBQ sauce

10 for $25 ($5 back when you buy 10) or $2 each
A1 Steak marinade
Mrs Dash Marinade
Grey Poupon mustard
Good seasons italian dry salad dressing
Floridas Natural OJ or Apple
Don Miguel burritos or chimichangas
Tyson breaded chicken breast fillet 
Jimmy dean breakfast sandwiches
Albertsons packed salad
Albertsons drink mix packets
Albertsons Break n Bake cookies
Kellogs nutri-grain bars
Kellogs cereal
Kellogs cereal straws
Betty crocker muffin mix; 2x blueberries or Fiber one
kraft miracle whip or mayo
Knudsen cottage cheese
dannon activia yogurt
quaker chewy granola bars
hawaiian punch 128oz bottle
Batty crocker supreme brownie mix
Mothers cookies
General Mills cereal
Kelloggs Poptarts
Macaroni Grill Pasta dinner
Peter pan peanut butter
Coffee Mate Flavored coffee creamer
Blue Magic carpet cleaner

Other great deals
Darigold Yogurt 20 for $10  use recent coupon for $1/2 = Free
Peaches, Plums or Nectarines $1 pound
Red, Yellow or Orange Peppers 1.49 each

What great deals did you see this week?

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Rachael said...

That Darigold coupon was great! I used mine at Freddies last week and am enjoying the yogurt. I saw a few coupon matchups for the deals you listed on, the Macaroni Grill items for example ($1.10/1!). I have a Peter Pan PB coupon as well, so I may do this deal next weekend. Thanks Erin!