Sunday, August 3, 2008

Some good freebies this week!

The week was good to me.  I got some samples I can really use.

Uncle Bens ready rice, good addition to a dinner
goofy Greeting cards from Vocal Point, I'll have to send those to friends!
Huggies diaper and wipes, keep in the glovebox for emergencys!
Nivea Mens shaving balm, for him.
Pledge surface wipe, I'll have to give that one away (no longer using chemical cleaners... more on that next week!)
American Greetings Card, titled 'romance', I'll give that to my husband sometime.
Stayfree Maxipad, you can never have too many!
Emergen-C 3 pack, I love this stuff!

What did you get??


April said... got some great stuff this week. All I received was 1 warm delight mini that the kids are fighting over :)

Anonymous said...

those are great!

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