Friday, August 1, 2008

Weigh-In Friday

Well, its another weigh-in Friday for me.  Since I had my daughter last November I have been trying (and sometimes not trying at all!) to loose all the 'baby' weight, as well as any extra weight I had gained prior.  To date I have 10.8 pounds to go to reach my goal.  With inspiration from Andreas Fat Burning Friday blogs, I will share my success and failures with you all.  Plus, it will give me that extra push I need to rid those 'last few', which as we know, are the HARDEST to loose.

I ate really healthy this week, with the exception of a few (yes, a few!!!) glasses of wine and even a small ice cream cone last night.  I did not work out one single time.  As I was on vacation last week and didnt weigh myself.  I was a little disappointed to see that I have a weight gain of 0.4 pounds from the past 2 weeks (including vacation of course).  Bad me.  I will work extra hard this week.  No wine and NO ice cream!

10.8 pounds to go

(oh, and if you really wanted to know, I have lost a total of 49.2 pounds so far.  Keep in mind I am 5'10'')

If you would like to share your healthy tips, weight loss updates or any inspiration Im sure both me and my readers would love to hear it!

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Andrea said...

Erin, you're total weight loss is awesome! And, that is a tiny - like "not-really weight-gain" gain this week. But, I love ice cream too - those M&M ice cream sandwiches I got on sale a while ago are calling my name. Keep saying NO and I'll try too!!