Friday, August 1, 2008

Consignment Shopping!

These wonderful clothing items I got for $52!!  My favorite childrens consignment shop had a 1/2 off sale on the 31st and I got a lot of great deals. I got 3 pairs of pants, 5 shirts/onsies,  1 romper, 1 dress, 1 sweatshirt,  3 pairs of jammies and 6 pairs of sox!

The clothing they carry is only of the highest quality and usually like new or even new.  I also got her some Robeez shoes and some great educational toys!!  We will be set for a while now!


Marin said...

My kids LOVE those Baby Einstein blocks. There was a recall a while back on the blue one though; you might want to google it and see if yours was affected :)

Erin said...

Thank you Marin, I was really worried for a minute. I googled it and discovered that mine are okay, thank goodness! The tags were left on so I could verify the product number and date made. Gotta love the internet! Thank you for looking out for me!